Here is how it works
Go with a player along with you and one more player.
Ok. Now, one player will keep betting of five dollars on 0 or 00 both and the other will be betting 10 dollars. He will keep changing his bet and he will bet one time on red and one time on black.
Everytime he loses he will double his bet. When he wins he will go down where started off 10 dollars.
Calculations of wagering
A player who is betting 0 if won will make 87 dollars since he will share 5 dollars with two 0/00. He is betting 2.50 dollars on each 0 and 00.
This strategy covers you against very horrible edge of the casinos online that beats you when you are using martingale with same one bet strategy. A very good Real Time Gaming online casino is supposed to be the High Noon Casino, if you are interested in.
Rather in this a player will cover you against 0 or 00 and also player B doesn’t bet on same color, but rather keeps changing red and black, red and black.
Let’s say you both A and B lost. When you bet on black the first bet A loses five dollars B loses 10 dollars total loss. On second bet player B bets on red, let’s say you lost that too. Player A lost five dollars and player B doubles everytime he loses. So he lost twenty dollars. Total loss is 25 dollars+first bet’s loss 15 dollars. Grand total is 40 dollars. Now player B bets on black, very rare chances that you will lose.
Because if you go at a casino and see you will never see black and red one by one. There will be repeating color and you win there. So rather than traditional strategy of betting on same C.
Change bet color everytime and take someone with you who will bet on 0 and 00 to protect you from dangers.

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